4 Tips for Millennial Caregivers

4 Tips for Millennial CaregiversCaregiving affects all generations, with more than 10 million unpaid caregivers in the United States between the ages of 18-39, according to research published by AARP.

A Driving Force

Long before electric vehicles (EVs) became an ordinary sight on roads across the country, Daniel Novy—whose last name, fittingly, means “new”—was an enthusiast. The Slovakian- born machinist and amate

Spring’s Flowers

Looking to spice up your springtime meals? Why not try adding a sprinkle of edible flowers to your recipe repertoire? While it may seem a bit “far out” to be eating flowers, you probably have already

A Light Touch

How do you preserve your beauty routine during the hot, humid days of summer? Learn how to use light summer makeup to achieve a natural glow while also protecting your skin from the effects of the sun

What to Consider When Purchasing a Utility Tractor

What to Consider When Purchasing a Utility TractorFrom a few acres of suburban sprawl to large properties in rural regions, building, mowing, digging and transporting can be a daunting task. With the

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Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Prepare Your Home for Holiday GuestsWelcoming friends and family into your home, celebrating time-honored traditions with delicious food and enjoying quality time with loved ones are all sure signs th

Entertainment Options for Cord-Cutters

Entertainment Options for Cord-CuttersWith cable and satellite subscription costs continuing to rise, many people are turning to the internet for alternative entertainment options. According to eMarke

Get Ready for Guests

Get Ready for GuestsTips to prepare your home for summer entertainingSummer entertaining season brings joy, laughter and plenty of ways to create special memories. From a fresh coat of paint to some s

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Look Younger, Longer

We all want to preserve our looks for as long as we can. Healthy skin ages well. Proper hydration, supplementation, and even sleep position can help your skin look its best.One of the most obvious ind

Caught in the Middle

Caught in the MiddleHelp for the Sandwich Generation- Twenty million American adults are caring for aging parents at the same time they\'re raising young children. Known as the Sandwich Generation, the

8 Ways to Reach a Healthy Blood Pressure

8 Ways to Reach a Healthy Blood PressureTo take care of your heart, it’s important to know and track your blood pressure. Millions of Americans have high blood pressure, also called hypertension, but

Make Nutrition a Priority for Your Pet

Make Nutrition a Priority for Your PetAs a dog or cat parent, you are responsible for your pet’s well-being and making good decisions about what’s best for him or her. Providing your cherished compani

Study Session

Homework doesn\'t have to be an ongoing battle with your kids. Try our 10 homework tips to make your children\'s study experience a more pleasant one.Along with the books and the lunch bags, heading bac

Trending Vacation Habits in 2021

Trending Vacation Habits in 2021For many travelers itching to go on vacation, 2021 offers plenty of opportunities to get out and go. Whether it’s heading to an outdoor escape or simply cozying up with


Teachers’ Top Needs for 2019

Teachers’ Top Needs for 2019Great classrooms don’t happen by accident. Teachers across the country work hard to build vibrant, energizing learning environments for their students, which often means ev

Controlling Slugs

Controlling Slugs- If there\'s one garden pest that\'s universally despised, it\'s slugs. Not only do they eat prized vegetables, herbs, and flowers at night while you sleep, but when you do catch them,

What You Need to Know About Manuka Honey's Immunity...

What’s the buzz?Honey is one of nature’s most amazing gifts. This sweet, syrupy nectar made by hundreds of busy little bees has a wide variety of different uses, from creating beeswax and helping stau

5 Tips for Organizing Your Home Office

5 Tips for Organizing Your Home OfficeWhen temperatures creep up again, it signals time for an annual tradition: spring cleaning. While big projects like windows are hard to overlook, don’t forget sma

Does your child have a healthy relationship with sports?

Medal Heads (L-R) Rebecca Soni and Caroline Burckle help young athletes get into an Olympian headspace. Both are Olympic medalists in swimming. Photo credit: David Kafer From Tiger Woods to the Willi

Create a Crafty Bistro at Home

Create a Crafty Bistro at HomeThis fall, toast the coming of cooler nights by gathering friends to enjoy an assortment of wines and refreshments against the backdrop of your very own Bordeaux bistro.

4 Ways to Help Transition Pets to Post-Quarantine Routines

4 Ways to Help Transition Pets to Post-Quarantine RoutinesAs states ease COVID-19 restrictions and people get out of the house to return to work, pets around the country may see their daily routines o

It’s Time to Learn More About Your Loved Ones

It’s Time to Learn More About Your Loved OnesWith days of family picnics, vacations and reunions in the rearview mirror, it’s easy to move full steam ahead into the busy fall season and forget to make

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Improving Men's Fertility

Male problems can account for up to 50 percent of infertility. Fortunately, natural strategies can help.Many couples struggle with fertility challenges, or subfertility. Among these, male problems hav

An ND explains the science of collagen

You’ve heard you should consume collagen daily, but have you heard of hydroxyproline? Hydroxyproline is at the heart of what makes collagen so important. Here’s why. Collagen is a structural protein.

The Secret Life of Fungi

As a human being, when you think of something that is “like you,” what do you imagine? In 2000, Dr. Michael Hathaway, professor of anthropology at Simon Fraser University, found himself living with el

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