Expert Tips for Welcoming a Kitten

Expert Tips for Welcoming a KittenFostering kittens and cats has risen in popularity during these unprecedented times, and many pet lovers are becoming fosters to help overcrowded animal shelters. Fos

Seaside Inspiration for the Home

Seaside Inspiration for the HomeTrips to the beach are popular getaways - but if you can\'t get to the beach, you can bring it to your home.Find or make pillows and accents with a nautical or beach the

Probiotics for Skin Care

Like our morning egg, bacteria once endured a bad rap. And, for years, we were told to vigorously scrub off bacteria in the name of clear, luminous skin. Now, science suggests we might want to back aw

Teaching Kids to Cook—and Care

What do you get when you mix kids of all ages with a celebrity chef and give them a mission to cook for people in need? A unique and eye-opening volunteer experience for the whole family.To my conside

This celebrity makeup artist is all about green beauty...

With a client roster that includes Mindy Kaling, Olivia Munn and Amber Heard, Katey Denno is one of the most well-recognized makeup artists in Hollywood. But she has an important mission that sets her

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Prepare Your Home for Holiday Guests

Prepare Your Home for Holiday GuestsWelcoming friends and family into your home, celebrating time-honored traditions with delicious food and enjoying quality time with loved ones are all sure signs th

Entertainment Options for Cord-Cutters

Entertainment Options for Cord-CuttersWith cable and satellite subscription costs continuing to rise, many people are turning to the internet for alternative entertainment options. According to eMarke

Get Ready for Guests

Get Ready for GuestsTips to prepare your home for summer entertainingSummer entertaining season brings joy, laughter and plenty of ways to create special memories. From a fresh coat of paint to some s

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Bone Broth's Skin-Boosting Side Effects

After learning she could no longer consume gluten or dairy, Shari Regan overhauled her diet. While searching for healthy recipes, she discovered bone broth. Although the concept of bone broth is nothi

Bucket List Travel Destinations for 2019

Bucket List Travel Destinations for 2019Taking time to go on vacation or to just unplug from everyday life can be beneficial, and there’s certainly no lack of options when it comes to choosing an idea

Reduce Your Risk of Another Heart Attack or Stroke

Reduce Your Risk of Another Heart Attack or StrokeCOVID-19 pandemic highlights importance of maintaining healthy routinesAfter a heart attack or stroke, as many as 1 in 4 survivors will have another o

DIY Decor with Creative Containers

DIY Decor with Creative ContainersContainers come in all shapes and sizes with purposes ranging from helping organize your stuff to adding an extra element to your decor. These simple DIY projects mak

A Romantic Rendezvous

A Romantic RendezvousCelebrate love with a Caribbean cruiseWhether you’re celebrating a milestone anniversary or simply looking for a getaway with your significant other, a seemingly always popular op

Refresh Your Skin

Does your skin have the wintertime blues? It\'s time to get your skin ready for spring!Winter is hard on our skin, leaving it chapped, flaky, and itchy. Now, as the days get warmer and more of our skin


These families did the unthinkable

Who hasn’t fantasized about leaving it all behind and traveling abroad à la Eat Pray Love? For most of us, reality soon sets in: there are kids to care for, pets to feed, bills to pay. But for these g

Winter Hair Care

Don\'t hide your hair under a toque! This winter take a natural approach to treat split ends, frizzy hair, dandruff, and other winter hair problems.It’s nice to make our hair look and feel fabulous dur

So Long, Screen

Are screens dominating your family time? These creative ideas (from a mom who’s tried them!) will make you excited about screen-free activities. Our tips will also help you make the most out of screen

Reduce Your Risk of Another Heart Attack or Stroke

Reduce Your Risk of Another Heart Attack or StrokeCOVID-19 pandemic highlights importance of maintaining healthy routinesAfter a heart attack or stroke, as many as 1 in 4 survivors will have another o

A Light Touch

How do you preserve your beauty routine during the hot, humid days of summer? Learn how to use light summer makeup to achieve a natural glow while also protecting your skin from the effects of the sun

Is It Possible To Boost Immunity?

Yes, absolutely! It’s worth mentioning that the goal is not to “stimulate” the immune system, but rather to “modulate” or change the immune response to make it as efficient as possible. Supplements to

Caring For The Carer

If the recent health care environment has taught us anything, it’s that our health system relies heavily on home caregiving for those who are sick and dying. And while there are benefits to home care

What to Look for in an Infant Day Care

What to Look for in an Infant Day CareIt can be challenging to raise a baby even in the best of times, but many parents need additional support for the education and care of their young children amid

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Ease Into Education

Ease Into EducationIf there’s one constant this year, it’s change. With another school year comes even more change, but you can help your family make a smooth transition with some planning and prepara

What Time is it, Mr. Wolf? Time to Play...

Do the kids in your life run around for at least one hour a day? According to a UK study, many youngsters don’t.My memories of elementary school include plenty of activity: I played Red Rover and “Wha

Surprising Benefits for Active Kids

Now that the kids are hitting the books, adequate daily exercise might become a footnote. Learn why active kids reap more benefits in and outside of the classroom!We all know that—as an overall rule—k

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